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PFERD manufactures the highest quality chain saw files in the world. Their uniform steel structure, correct hardness, exact shaping and even tooth spacing guarantee maximum cutting performance. This greatly reduces labour time and puts a perfect edge on saw chains every time. The size and type of chain as well as the degree of wear will determine which file to use.


The new chain saw sharpener CHAIN SHARP CS-X is excellent for the manual sharpening of saw chains.

   Replacement Depth Gauge File for CHAIN SHARP CS-X
   Depth Gauge File (Flat) for Saw Chain

This unique tool sharpens the tooth and maintains the height of depth gauge in one operation.

Chain Saw Files - Round

For fast, score-free sharpening of saw chain teeth.

Chain Saw Files - Skin Packed

Choice of Two or Three files in a sales-promoting skin pack.

Chisel Bit Files

Chisel files are used to sharpen square chisel chain.

Chain Saw File Handles

Available in wood, and plastic with attachable filing angle guides.

Portable Vise

Solid steel portable stump vise can be set into a stump or log with a hammer or wedge.



US: (800) 342-9015 - CANADA: (866) 245-1555

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