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The optimization of work processes through the use of powerful premium products and power tools has a positive effect on the cost-effectiveness of your operations.

In the long term, to be cost-effective is to be sustainable. Results from the PFERD test laboratories as well as from the product tests by independent testing institutes prove: PFERD tools offer measurable added value.

Experience the added value with PFERD. Discover PFERDERGONOMICS® and PFERDEFFICIENCY®

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PFERD ERGONOMICS Noise is undesirable sound (e.g., machine noise, acoustic tones, explosion or impact noise, high-decibel music, irritating speech sound) that may give rise to hearing impairments or other damage to health. Noise-induced hearing loss tops the statistics for occupational disorders. Intense noise at the workplace may affect the hearing of workers. PFERD ERGONOMICS Energy consumption (electricity/compressed air) of tools and drives during day-to-day use represents a significant economic investment.
PFERD products and power tools that require less energy, for example through a significantly higher performance, are marked with the "EnergySaving" icon.
PFERD ERGONOMICS Vibrations are mechanical oscillations which pose a hazard to human health when acting continuously on the hand-arm system (hand-arm vibrations) or on the entire body (whole-body vibrations). Vibrations may cause blood circulation problems, bone or joint disorders, neurological or muscular conditions, back pain, or damage to the spinal column. PFERD ERGONOMICS Waste is ever present in various guises in the plant. Whether it's of a single type, recyclable or even residual or hazardous waste – the waste generated leads to cost and effort.

PFERD waste-saving products produce less waste by achieving the same or better stock removal or cutting performance with less mass of product or by an above-average tool life.
PFERD ERGONOMICS Emissions affect the quality of the air within working rooms, which must more or less correspond to outside air. From a health point of view, the size of the dust particles is decisive in addition to the pollutant contents of the dust. PFERD ERGONOMICS Time is money and thus represents an important economic factor. Even small changes can save a lot of time.

PFERD time-saving products and power tools achieve the desired results substantially quicker through higher aggressiveness or performance. This also includes products that save on unproductive idle periods, such as tool change or set-up times.
PFERD ERGONOMICS The term haptic perception (sense of feel) is used to describe a sensual perception by creatures that can perceive mechanical stimuli. Everyone knows that haptic perception, or feeling with the hands, places a special role in everyday life. It allows the brain to localize and evaluate touch, pressure and temperatures. PFERD ERGONOMICS PFERD products that are identified by the "EnergySaving", "TimeSaving", "WasteSaving" and one or more PFERDERGONOMICS® icons also carry the "ResourceSaving" icon. They are particularly cost-effective in operation and at the same time preserve users' health and performance.



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