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American Pattern Files
Files for Stainless Steel
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Precision Files
Milled Tooth Files
Wood Files & Rasps
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American Pattern Files


Aluminum Files

Aluminum files have fast cutting teeth specially designed for use on aluminum alloys, soft steel and various non-ferrous metals. Special tooth construction eliminates clogging.

   Flat Files for Aluminum
   Half Round for Aluminum
Machinist's Files

PFERD Machinist's Files are ideal for rapid metal removal in rough filing applications.

   Flat Files
   Flat File PLUS®
   Half Round Tapered Files
   Half Round Pipeline Files
   Hand Files
   Knife Files
   Long Angle Lathe Files
   Round Files
   Square Files
   Three Square Files
   Tungsten Point Files
   Veneer Knife Files
   Warding Files
Special Files and Machinist's File Sets

These files are designed to meet the needs of DIY users.

   Special Files
   Machinist's Files in Plastic Pouch
   DIY File Set
Key files

Key files are small tools for light, delicate filing tasks, especially in tool- and mould-making.

   Three Square
   Key File Sets



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