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Sharpening Files


Chain Saw Files & Accessories

PFERD manufactures the highest quality chain saw files in the world.

   CHAIN SHARP MT (Multi-Tool)
   Chain Saw Files - Round
   Chain Saw Files - Skin Packed
   Chisel Bit Files
   Chain Saw File Handles
   Portable Vise
Mill Files

Mill files are suitable both as an engineering and a sharpening file. Mill files are the best choice for filing where a smooth finish is important. Also good for polishing and deburring work in lathes.

   Mill Files, Tapered
   Mill Files, One Round Edge
   Mill Files, Two Round Edges
Taper Saw Files

Triangular in shape and tapered toward the point, these single cut files are used primarily for sharpening handsaws, circular saws, narrow band, cross-cut and buck saws.

   Regular Taper
   Slim Taper
   Extra Slim Taper
   Double Extra Slim Taper
   Cant Saw
   Band Saw



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