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Diamond Files

Diamond Semi-Flexible Files
Diamond Flexible Files
Diamond Machinist's Files

Diamond files are suitable for use on hardened steels and hard metal components, and for filing workpieces made of glass, ceramics, and fibre-reinforced plastics.

Hand Files
Three Square Files
Square Files
Half Round Files
Round Files
Diamond Needle Files

Diamond needle files are designed for general use in tool and die making.v

Hand File
Hand with Round Edges File
Flat File
Three Square File
Square File
Half Round File
Round File
Knife File
Feather Edge File
Crossing Oval File
Barrette File
Diamond Needle File Sets

Diamond needle file sets are supplied in a pouch for protection against corrosion and mechanical damage.

Diamond Needle File Set - Fine
Diamond Needle File Set - Medium
Diamond Needle File Set - Coarse
Diamond Riffler Files

Diamond riffler files are used for work in hard-to-reach areas and on complex shapes.

Crossing Oval (straight)
Crossing Oval (hooked)
Three Square
Hand (offset)
Diamond Riffler File Set

Diamond riffler file sets are supplied in a plastic pouch for protection against corrosion and mechanical damage.

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