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HICOAT® Coated Carbide Burs
» HC-FEP Coating - for Iron and Steel Materials
» HC-HT Coating - for High-Temperature Resistant Materials
» HC-NFE Coating - for Non-Ferrous Metals
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HC-NFE Coating - for Non-Ferrous Metals

PFERD » Burs & Hole Saws » HICOAT® Coated Carbide Burs » HC-NFE Coating - for Non-Ferrous Metals

HICOAT® HC-NFE coated burs are great for long-chipping and cloying non-ferrous materials. These burs are designed to meet the highest standard of stock removal and tool life, with improved anti-friction and anti-adhesion characteristics.

Cylindrical (End Cut) - Shape B

Cylindrical bur with end cut

Cylindrical (Radius End) - Shape C

Cylindrical bur with radius end

Ball - Shape D

Ball-shaped bur

Tree (Radius End) - Shape F

Tree-shaped bur with radius end

14° Taper (Radius End) - Shape L

Taper bur with radius end



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