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High Performance Line - STEEL Cut for steel and cast steel
High Performance Line - INOX Cut for Stainess Steel
High Performance Line - ALU/NF Cut for aluminum and non-ferrous metals
High Performance Line - CAST Cut for cast iron
High Performance Line - EDGE Cut Bearing Burs for Edge Profiling
High Performance Line - TOUGH Cut for tough applications
High Performance Line - MICRO Cut for precision applications
Universal Line - for general applications
PLAST Cut for glass- and carbon-fibre reinforced plastics.
HICOAT® Coated Carbide Burs
Carbide Bur Sets
Bi-Metal Hole Saws and Accessories
Bi-Metal Hole Saw Sets
Spindle Extensions

High Performance Line - MICRO Cut for precision applications

PFERD MICRO cut burs are ideal for both hand-held and automated machining tasks. They are a unique solution, combining good stock removal and high-quality finish. Almost all materials up to a hardness of 60 HRC can be machined. If higher stock removal is required, micro burs can be used as support in areas where mounted points are usually used. They run smoothly, with highly controlled removal rates and with very little vibration.


Cylindrical (Plain End) - Shape A

Cylindrical bur with plain end (uncut), Micro cut.

   1/4" Shank Diameter
   1/8" Shank Diameter
Tree (Radius End) - Shape F

Tree-shaped bur with radius end, Micro cut.

   1/8" Shank Diameter
   1/4" Shank Diameter



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