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COMBICLICK® Fibre Discs, Non-Wovens and Backing Pads

PFERD's patented COMBICLICK® system combines an innovative flexible backing pad with a quick, easy and rugged mounting system on the back of the disc. The expanded offering includes rough grinding to mirror polishing solutions


Fibre Discs and Backing Pads

PFERD supplies an extensive line-up of fibre discs in a variety of grit sizes, abrasives and dimensions. Our comprehensive product range provides the optimum tool from coarse to fine grinding.


Velcro discs, NET type

Velcro-backed abrasive discs with net structure allows for dust-free, non-loading grinding work on medium-sized and large surfaces.

For use on eccentric orbital sanders.


Pressure Sensitive Adhesive (PSA) Discs and Holders

Heavy-duty “X” weight resin cloth with a special hot melt adhesive coating system produces a disc that will withstand even the most grueling applications. They adhere securely to the holder without risk of slipping or flying off. When removed from the tool, they leave no residue.



COMBIDISC® tools cover the full range of surface finishing applications. From coarse grinding through surface texturing to face-down mirror polishing, these products address the most demanding and sophisticated machining tasks.


Abrasive Belts

PFERD offers a comprehensive range of abrasive belts in a wide range of dimensions, grit sizes, flexibility and abrasive grain. The PFERD product range is aligned to the standard belt grinders available in the market.


Textile Wheels

Textile products are cotton-fibre based abrasive tools developed for medium to light grinding, weld blending, deburring and surface finishing of stainless and aluminum.Textile wheels grind and finish in one operation.


Abrasive Sheets

Cloth- and paper-backed abrasive sheets for use on a variety of surfaces and conditions.


Abrasive cord

High-flexibility abrasive cord ideal for for very fine deburring and finishing work in hard-to-reach places.



Designed for light manual grinding, deburring and cleaning work on metals, plastics, fibreglass, fibre-reinforced plastics, stainless steel, aluminum, paint, coatings and fillers.Due to their flexibility, POLIVLIES® hand pads provide outstanding results on contours and in hard-to-reach workpiece areas.


Abrasive Rolls

Shop rolls are used in workshops, maintenance, tool-making, fabrication shops and production applications. The material can be torn by hand to any length for practicality and economy. Choose from a wide selection of type, sizes and grits.


Abrasive Spiral Bands

PFERD offers spiral bands in many different shapes, dimensions, abrasives, grit sizes and packaging units. Our range includes matching cylindrical and conical rubber drum holders. Rubber drum holders are re-usable holders for abrasive spiral bands. A closely toleranced fit ensures that the sleeve will remain firmly secured to the drum holder during grinding.


POLIROLL® Cartridge Rolls

POLIROLL® cartridge rolls consist of a spiral-wound coated abrasive. The grit is embedded in a resinoid bond on the strong cloth backing material for maximum grinding effectiveness. The tool is held securely in place during grinding by a grooved conical arbor. PFERD offers cylindrical and conical abrasive cartridge rolls.


POLICAP® Abrasive Caps and Holders

POLICAP® abrasive caps and cones are mounted on reusable cap and cone holders. Due to their seamless design, POLICAP® abrasive caps and cones grind effectively with their entire surface area. A closely toleranced fit keeps the abrasive cap or cone securely attached to its holder. PFERD supplies POLICAP® tools in diverse shapes, dimensions and grit sizes.


Flap Wheels and Drums

PFERD flap wheels are constructed with coated abrasive elements arrangd radially about the tool axis in a fan-type configuration. Due to their flexibility, they adapt ideally to the contours of the workpiece. The abrasive grain is embedded in a resinoid bond on the strong flexible backing cloth. Also available with threaded shank for quick change-ups.


POLIFLAP® Wheels and Accessories

The POLIFLAP® wheel consists of a shank-mounted (3/8”) hub carrying an array of rubber flaps.The combination arrangement of abrasive and rubber flaps results in a highly flexible tool.


Overlap Slotted Discs

Overlap slotted discs are special-purpose tools for lateral grinding work in grooves and slot areas. They are mounted via a central threaded hub.


POLISTAR Coated Abrasive Stars

POLISTAR is a flexible tool for work on the inner surfaces of bores and pipes.


Non-Woven Abrasives

Non-woven abrasives are used when other tools reach their finishing limits or cannot achieve the required result. The low aggressive characteristics of the polyamide fibres and the positive effect of the abrasive non-woven materials create brilliant smooth finished surfaces.



POLICLEAN® is a coarse-structured non-woven abrasive material made of a special combination of synthetic fibre and abrasive grain. PFERD offers POLICLEAN® tools in many configurations such as discs, wheels, and mounted tools.


POLIFLEX® Fine Grinding Tools

PFERD offers a very comprehensive range of POLIFLEX® mounted points and wheels for fine-grinding. These products are available in diverse abrasive materials, grit sizes, hardness grades and shapes to suit a host of specific applications.


Polishing Tools

PFERD offers an extensive range of polishing tools in diverse shapes and diameters.This range includes felt wheels and points, used mainly for high-gloss polishing work, and brass-impregnated felt tools, which provide higher stock removal rates and designed mainly for pre-polishing with diamond grinding pastes. In addition, this range includes four different types of cloth rings.


Grinding and Polishing Pastes

These pastes are designed for work on very hard materials, e.g. tungsten carbide and heat-treated steels. They are used with felt points or felt wheels. The high concentration of abrasive grain guarantees fast and efficient results.


Coated and Non-Woven Accessories

Accessories for use with Coated and Non-Woven abrasive products.

US: (800) 342-9015 - CANADA: (866) 245-1555

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