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COMBICLICK® Fibre Discs, Non-Wovens and Backing Pads
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PFERD Coated & Non-Woven Abrasives » COMBICLICK® Fibre Discs, Non-Wovens and Backing Pads » COMBICLICK® Sets

PFERD ‘s COMBICLICK® system combines an innovative flexible backing pad with a quick, easy and rugged mounting system on the back of the disc. The backing pad allows COMBICLICK® discs to be used with standard angle grinders. The geometry of the cooling slots ensures a high throughput of air, thus significantly reducing thermal loads on the abrasive material and workpiece. The rugged mounting fixture, secure disc attachment to the backing pad plus optimized cooling help to provide:

  • up to 30% lower workpiece temperature
  • up to 25% increased stock removal
  • up to 30% longer service life and improved utilization of abrasive product and
  • up to 30% less tool wear.

The range of solutions has now been increased to include CC-GRIND Discs for rough grinding applications, and a complete range of non-woven and felt discs. The COMBICLICK® system now offers a single solution for rough grinding to mirror polishing.

COMBICLICK® sets offer a convenient way to get started with the system. A wide variety of coated and non-woven materials are included to test performance and surface finish results to help determine the ideal product selections for your applications prior to bulk purchases. The included discs provide solutions for rough grinding, fine grinding, surface conditioning, prepolish and polishing to a mirror finish.

Set Contents:

*This set ships with a sample quantity (100 grams) of a universal polishing paste. All polishing pastes can be used with the system. Please see our polishing paste selection for more options of polishing pastes and grinding compounds.


Discontinued item - Available at discounted pricing while inventory lasts!

Image EDP Disc Diameter Thread Size Backing Pad Included? Coated Discs Included? Surface Conditioning Discs Included? Felt Polishing Disc Included? Polishing Paste Included?  
48192 4-1/2 5/8-11 Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
48194 5 5/8-11 Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
48193 4-1/2 M14x2.0 Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
US: (800) 342-9015 - CANADA: (866) 245-1555

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