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Flap Wheels and Drums

PFERD flap wheels are constructed with coated abrasive elements arranged radially about the tool axis in a fan-type configuration. Due to their flexibility, they adapt ideally to the contours of the workpiece. The abrasive grain is embedded in a resinoid bond on the strong flexible backing cloth.

Flap wheels are also available with threaded shank for quick change-ups.


  • High flexibility.
  • High stock removal due to aggressive coated abrasive.
  • Flaps wear off uniformly and without residue on the workpiece surface, exposing fresh, sharp abrasive grain at all times.
  • Due to the special cast core construction, the face of the tool can be worked very close to edges and corners.


Mounted Flap Wheels

Shank-mounted PFERD flap wheels for use on electric or pneumatic straight grinders, and flexible shaft machines.

   Mini Mounted Flap Wheels - 1/8" Shank
   Mounted Flap Wheels - 1/4" Shank
Quick Change Flap Wheels and Accessories

These flap wheels spin on and off without tools.

   Quick Change Flap Wheels - Aluminum Oxide A
   Threaded Shank Adapter for Quick-Change Flap Wheels
Unmounted Flap Wheels and Accessories

PFERD flap wheels with plain arbor hole.

   Unmounted Flap Wheels - Aluminum Oxide A
   Unmounted Flap Wheels - Ceramic oxide CO-COOL
   Arbors for Flap Wheels
   Flap Wheel Reducer Flanges
Flap Wheels for Angle Grinders

The ideal tool for use on angle grinders in assembly shop operations.

   Alumimium Oxide A
   Ceramic oxide CO-COOL
Flap Drums

For fine grinding on large radii, or on large surfaces and contours.




US: (800) 342-9015 - CANADA: (866) 245-1555

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