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Non-Woven Abrasives

Non-woven abrasives are used when other tools reach their finishing limits or cannot achieve the required result. The low aggressive characteristics of the polyamide fibres and the positive effect of the abrasive non-woven materials create brilliant smooth finished surfaces. Non-woven abrasives are waterproof, can be rinsed out and are very resistant. They do not clog up, leave no rust on surfaces and do not conduct electricity.

Non-woven abrasives can be used for deburring, cleaning and are excellent for surface work on many metals, including aluminum, brass, copper, nickel, stainless steel (INOX) and titanium. Also suitable for work on materials which are hard to grind such as ceramic, glass and plastic. Can be used for wet or dry grinding.


POLIVLIES® Interleaved Flap Discs
POLINOX® fibre-backing discs
   Radial type PNL
   Interleaved type PNZ
COMBIDISC® Non-Woven Discs

For surface conditioning, contour grinding, and cleaning of metals or painted surfaces.

   Surface Conditioning Discs - Hard Type
   Finishing Discs - Soft Type
POLIVLIES® Surface Conditioning Belts

POLIVLIES® belts are designed for buffing, blending, cleaning, light deburring, finishing and polishing on all metals.

   Coarse Grade
   Medium Grade
   Fine Grade

Designed for light manual grinding, deburring and cleaning work on metals, plastics, fibreglass, fibre-reinforced plastics, stainless steel, aluminum, paint, coatings and fillers.Due to their flexibility, POLIVLIES® hand pads provide outstanding results on contours and in hard-to-reach workpiece areas.

   POLIVLIES™ Hand Pads
   POLIVLIES™ Hand Pad Holder
POLINOX® Mounted Flap Wheels

POLINOX® mounted flap wheels are manufactured with abrasive impregnated nylon filament in an extensive and range of dimensions, grit sizes, and tool types.

   Mounted Flap Wheels PNL
   Mounted Flap Wheels PNR
   Mounted Flap Wheels PNZ
   Mounted Flap Wheels PNG
POLINOX® Cross Buffs and Accessories

Suitable for cleaning, deburring and finishing of interior surfaces and contours.

   POLINOX™ Cross Buffs
   Arbor for POLINOX™ Cross Buffs
POLINOX® Unmounted Flap Wheels and Accessories

POLINOX® unmounted flap wheels are manufactured with abrasive impregnated nylon filament in an extensive and range of dimensions, grit sizes, and tool types.

   Unmounted Flap Wheels PNL - Plain Bore
   Unmounted Flap Wheels PNL - Threaded Bore
   Unmounted Flap Wheels PNZ - Plain Bore
   Unmounted Flap Wheels PNZ - Threaded Bore
   Unmounted Flap Wheels PNG - Plain Bore
   Unmounted Flap Wheels PNG - Threaded Bore
   Arbors for Flap Wheels
   Flap Wheel Reducer Flanges
POLINOX® PNER Unitized Wheels and Accessories

Unitized wheels designed for variable-speed angle grinders.

   Unitized Wheels
   Unitized Wheels for Angle Grinders
   Unitized Wheels for Fillet Grinders
POLINOX® PNER Unitized Discs

Unitized discs suitable for working larger areas on stainless steel (INOX) components.

   Plain Arbor Hole
   Threaded Hub
POLINOX® PNK Convolute Wheels

Excellent for edge rounding, and matte finishing of planar surfaces.

   Convolute Wheels
   Convolute Wheel Adapters
POLINOX® Finishing Drums

Finishing drums made of radially arranged elements of non-woven abrasive material. Especially good for work on large surfaces.

   Finishing Drums, Non-Interleaved (PNL)
   Finishing Drums, Interleaved (PNZ)
   Finishing Drums, Corrugated (PNG)
POLIVLIES® Hook and Loop Discs

Strong non-woven material will make quick work of heavy oxidation removal, cleaning, and conditioning.

   Hook and Loop Discs
   Hook and Loop Disc Holders
POLIVLIES® Non-Woven Flap Discs

Suitable for surface grinding on stainless steel components.

Linear Finishing Set

Complete linear finishing set for rough grinding to surface finishing.




US: (800) 342-9015 - CANADA: (866) 245-1555

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