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Grinding wheels

The PFERD range of reinforced grinding wheels provides outstanding stock removal, handling convenience, and high cost-efficiency.


Pipeline grinding and notching wheels

PFERD pipeline wheels are designed for light grinding and cutting, and all facets of steel and non-ferrous metal production and fabrication.


Snagging wheels and accessories

Double-reinforced grinding and snagging wheels for heavy stock removal. Ideal for grinding in hard-to-reach areas.


Cup wheels - Flared (Type 11)

Type 11 Flaring cup wheels are commonly used in grinding and snagging operations, especially in foundries on right angle grinders for removing gates, risers and parting lines from castings. Type 11 Cup Wheels provide a large surface contact area, and are produced with a high amount of abrasive grain. This ensures high performance removal rates, especially on high power tools. PFERD range includes Aluminum Oxide, Silicon Carbide and Zirconia grain types.


CC-GRIND® grinding discs

High performance quick-change grinding disc for extremely high stock removal.


CC-GRIND®-STRONG grinding discs

The newest member of the CC-GRIND® family, the stepping stone between a conventional grinding wheel and the CC-GRIND®-SOLID.


CC-GRIND®-SOLID grinding discs

CC-GRIND®-SOLID: The new generation of rough grinding discs!


CC-GRIND®-FLEX grinding discs

High performance, semi-flexible grinding disc that eliminates dents and bumps in the workpiece when blending a weld seam.


POLIFAN® Flap Discs

POLIFAN® flap discs can offer advantages over reinforced grinding wheels where a superior surface finish must be achieved in addition to high stock removal rates.


Cut-off wheels for angle grinders

PFERD cut-off wheels are global leaders in quality, consistency and performance.


DUODISC®: Combination Cutting, Grinding & Deburring Wheels

The new DUODISC® combination abrasive wheel is a cost-efficient and technically advanced solution for users needing a fast, time-saving cutting action and reliable deburring performance - now delivered by a single wheel!


Cut-Off Wheels For Die Grinders

PFERD die-grinder wheels are fully reinforced and ideal for working in hard-to-reach areas or in close quarters.


Cut-Off Wheels For Circular Saws

Performance cut-off wheels include diamond-shaped bores for use with circular saws.


Cut-Off Wheels For Portable/Gas Saws

Favored by countless fire departments, municipalities, contractors, and general construction and demolition personnel, PFERD portable wheels out-cut and outlast competitive brands.


Cut-Off Wheels For Portable Chop Saws

Large-diameter cut-off wheels for use on electric chopsaws.

US: (800) 342-9015 - CANADA: (866) 245-1555

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