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PFERD » Grinding & Cut-Off Wheels » POLIFAN® Flap Discs » Special Line SG-PLUS » POLIFAN SGP-CURVE » POLIFAN SGP CURVE-ALU

POLIFAN®-CURVE is a PFERD innovation designed to quickly achieve a smooth, consistent surface finish on fillet welds. The unique radial construction shape (PFR) offers a superior solution for this common task.

  • Tough and aggressive – removes scale and bead from all metals: steel, stainless steel (INOX), aluminum and alloys.
  • Works faster than grinding wheels without the risk of undercutting the workpiece.
  • Precise grinding out of fillet welds provides a superior surface finish.
  • Smooth finish allows easy visual inspection for defects, such as porosity and inclusions.
  • Ideal for repair applications to remove defects without damage to adjacent areas. Leaves ample room for new weld bead.
  • Excellent tool life, including the radius edge of the disc.
  • Multi-purpose – may be used as a conventional flap disc, and also for underhand applications using the top of the disc.

POLIFAN® SGP CURVE-ALU is specially formulated for non-loading grinding performance on soft, greasy grades of Aluminum. Contains no fillers that might leave undesirable residues on the workpiece. The ground surface can be welded right away, without any further treatment. Saves time, money and aggravation with unparalleled quick and highly abrasive non-loading grinding performance

  • Abrasive: Topsized Aluminum Oxide
  • Grit size: 40
  • Workpiece Materials:
    • Ideal for: Soft Aluminum
    • Suitable for: Medium Aluminum Grades
  • Application: Fillet weld grinding, chamfering, deburring



  EDP Diameter (Inches) Arbor Hole / Thread Size Radius Size Grit For Fillet Weld Width Thickness (Inches) Thickness (mm) Max. RPM  
  67646 4-1/2 7/8 A.H. Large 40 Large > 5/16" (8mm) 9/16 16 13,300
  67671 4-1/2 5/8-11 Thread Large 40 Large > 5/16" (8mm) 9/16 16 13,300
  67651 5 7/8 A.H. Large 40 Large > 5/16" (8mm) 9/16 16 12,200
  67676 5 5/8-11 Thread Large 40 Large > 5/16" (8mm) 9/16 16 12,200
US: (800) 342-9015 - CANADA: (866) 245-1555

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