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Grinding wheels
Pipeline grinding and notching wheels
Snagging wheels and accessories
Cup wheels - Flared (Type 11)
CC-GRIND® grinding discs
CC-GRIND®-STRONG grinding discs
CC-GRIND®-SOLID grinding discs
CC-GRIND®-FLEX grinding discs
POLIFAN® Flap Discs
Cut-off wheels for angle grinders
DUODISC®: Combination Cutting, Grinding & Deburring Wheels
Cut-Off Wheels For Die Grinders
Cut-Off Wheels For Circular Saws
Cut-Off Wheels For Portable/Gas Saws
Cut-Off Wheels For Portable Chop Saws
Cut-Off Wheels For Stationary Machines

Cut-off wheels for angle grinders

PFERD cut-off wheels are global leaders in quality, consistency and performance. The wide range of wheel shapes, thicknesses and cutting characteristics meet all demands for efficient cutting operations.


Performance Line SG
   A S SG for steel, cast iron
   A R SG-INOX for stainless steel (INOX)
   A N SG ALU for aluminum/non-ferrous metals
   C R SG for stone/masonry
Special Line SG-PLUS
   A T SGP for steel, cast iron
   A S SGP for stainless steel (INOX)
   ZA Q SGP for stainless steel castings
Universal Line PSF
   A P PSF for steel - Type 1 (Flat)
   A P PSF-INOX for stainless steel - Type 1 (Flat)
Cut-off wheel accessories
   Reducer Bushings
   Flange Set for Thin Cut-Off Wheels
   Quick Change Adapter Kit



US: (800) 342-9015 - CANADA: (866) 245-1555

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