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Crimped Wheel Brushes - Drum Brushes

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A wide variety of power wire brushes with a plain arbor hole.

The PFERD crimped wire wheel offering includes small diameter copper centre brushes as well as narrow, medium and wide face wheels in carbon, stainless steel (INOX) and brass filaments.

Crimped Wire Wheels Features and Benefits:

  • Heavy fill density for more wire points, which means more brushing action and longer life.
  • Designed for seamless gang mounting without parting lines.
  • Uniform wire distribution for optimal balance and finish.
  • Standard and long trim options on popular diameters as standard range items.

Application Guidelines and Tips:

  • Using as fine a wire as will perform the job satisfactorily will result in longer brush life.Greater wire fatigue and breakage is more likely to occur when coarser wire is used.
  • Longer trim length increases brush flexibility.
  • Use the appropriate adapter style to achieve the desired arbor hole size.
  • Small diameter copper centre wheels can be gang-mounted on drive arbors to achieve a wider brush face.

Crimped Wheel Brushes:

EDP Diameter Arbor hole Trim length Face width Filament diameter Opt. RPM Max. RPM Filiament Material Grit  
81330 4 3/4 1 4 .010 3,000-4,500 6,000 Carbon Steel wire, brass plated -
81331 4 3/4 1 4 .008 2,400-3,900 6,000 INOX -
81332 4 3/4 1 4 .040 2,400-3,900 6,000 nylon / silicon carbide 80
US: (800) 342-9015 - CANADA: (866) 245-1555

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