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PFERD offers a range of unthreaded knot wheel brushes for use in all industries. Superior rotational balance reduces operator fatigue and improves tool life.

Our line of unthreaded knot wheel brushes features a wide range of various knot styles.

The standard twist knot brush is more aggressive than crimped wire wheel brushes, and leaves a good surface finish. Available in two variations:

  • Standard flag, with wire loosely twisted for approximately 75% of the total trim length.
  • Long flag, which features wire loosely twisted for approximately 50% of the trim length for better surface area coverage.

Full cable twist knotted wire is efficient for weld spatter removal, blending tool marks, cleaning and deburring, and removal of encrustations. Used in pipe joining for cleaning scale and spatter following welding. Low flex, high impact cleaning.

Standard Twist - Single Row, Standard Flag

For weld cleaning, weld spatter removal, scale removal, cleaning, deburring, and flash removal.

   Carbon Steel Wire - 3" to 8" Diameter
   Carbon Steel Wire - 10" Diameter and Larger
   Stainless Steel Wire
Standard Twist - Single Row, Long Flag

Extended flag length provides a better surface finish than standard twist knot brushes.

   Carbon Steel Wire
Heavy Duty Standard Twist - Double Row, Long Flag

For deflashing/cleaning, removing heavy contamination, and heavy deburring.

Heavy Duty - Short Trim

Extremely heavy duty removal with maximum brushing action.

Full Cable Twist - Single Row

Low flex, high impact brushing action with narrow face width.

Full Cable Twist - Single Row COMBITWIST®

Large-diameter knot wheel with dual keyway and COMBITWIST® knot construction.

Expansion Joint Cleaning Brushes

Used on walk-behind and portable machines.

Pipe Cleaning Brushes

Aggressive multi-section knot wheel for removing rust and coatings from pipe ends.

Pipe Cleaning Brushes - COMBITWIST®

Multi-section knot wheel with COMBITWIST® knot construction.



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