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Cup and Bevel Brushes

PFERD cup brushes are available in a large variety of diameters and types including internal and external threads, crimped and knot wire types, and ECAP® encapsulation for aggressive brushing. Our cup brushes are built with high quality components that are designed to perform in welding and industrial applications.

Cup and Bevel Brushes Features and Benefits:

  • Great cutting action and flexibility, excelling on large flat and curved surfaces.
  • Crimped and knot bevel brushes for cleaning hard-to-reach areas.
  • Double-row brushes (available in 4” and 6” OD) for extremely aggressive brushing.

Application Guidelines and Tips:

  • For optimal brushing action, tilt the brush between 15 and 30 degrees off of the workpiece surface.
  • For use on vertical surfaces, the internal nut cup brushes will reduce operator fatigue.
  • Manipulating the brush speed will drastically affect the filament flare.
  • The tighter the knot, the more aggressive the brushing action.


Crimped Cup Brushes

For light duty application and surface cleaning.

   Carbon Steel Wire
   Stainless Steel Wire
ECAP® Encapsulated Crimped Cup Brushes

More productive cleaning action due to the short trim effect of encapsulation.

Knot Cup Brushes

Available in a range of diameters and filament knot styles to properly fit your application requirements.

   External Nut, Single Row - Standard Twist
   External Nut, Single Row - COMBITWIST®
   External Nut, Double Row - COMBITWIST®
   Internal Nut, Single Row - Standard Twist
   Internal Nut, Single Row - Full Cable Twist
   Internal Nut, Double Row - Full Cable Twist
Crimped Bevel Brushes

Crimped wire bevel brushes are less aggressive than knot wire type for lighter-duty applications.

   Carbon Steel Wire
   Stainless Steel Wire
Knot Bevel Brushes

For deburring, weld scale removal, and edge blending of fillets, grooves and inside edges.

   Carbon Steel Wire
   Stainless Steel Wire



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