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Stem Mounted Brushes

Our range of stem-mounted products includes a wide variety of brushes for use in specialized applications, such as pilot bonding brushes, miniature brushes, and coil spring brushes.

Stem Mounted Brushes Features and Benefits:

  • Industrial-grade brushes recommended for use on high-speed power tools such as flexible shaft machines, straight grinders, and power drills.
  • Uniform filament composition and density provides optimal balance and finish.
  • A variety of stem-mounted brushes with M-BRAD™ abrasive filament is also available.
  • SINGLETWIST® single-knot end brushes are ideal for working in tight corners and confined spaces.
  • All stainless steel wire (INOX) end brushes are degreased.

Application Guidelines and Tips:

  • Please do not insert the entire stem of a brush into the chuck. Leave about 1/8” of the stem out of the chuck to ensure a proper grip.
  • Manipulating the brush speed will drastically affect the filament flare.
  • Straight cup knot end brushes flare less than flared cup versions.
  • For optimal corrosion resistance when working on stainless steel (INOX), PFERD ADVANCE BRUSH stem-mounted end brushes with stainless steel filament include elastomer coatings on the cup.


Stem Mounted End Brushes

A wide range of end brushes in both knot and crimped wire construction.

   Crimped Wire
   Crimped Wire, Bridled
   Crimped Wire, Hollow Centre - ECAP® Encapsulated
   Knot Wire, Flared Cup
   Knot Wire, Straight Cup
   Knot Wire, SINGLETWIST®
Stem Mounted Wheel Brushes

A wide range of stem-mounted wire wheel brushes in both knot and crimped wire construction.

   Knot Wire, Standard Twist
   Crimped Wire
   Crimped Wire - ECAP® Encapsulated
Stem Mounted Bevel Brushes

Crimped wire bevel brushes are less aggressive than knot wire type for lighter-duty applications.

   Crimped Wire
   Crimped Wire - ECAP® Encapsulated
Stem Mounted Cup Brushes

For light duty application and surface cleaning.

   Carbon Steel Wire
   Stainless Steel Wire
   ECAP® Encapsulated
Stem Mounted Miniature Brushes

Perfect for precision applications required in many industries including jewelry, electronics, medical and aerospace.

   Carbon Steel Wire Filament
   Stainless Steel Wire Filament
   Brass Wire Filament
   M-BRAD™ Abrasive Filament
   Natural Bristle Filament
   Miniature Brush Sets
Stem Mounted Specialty Brushes

A selection of stem-mounted brushes for very specific applications.

   Pilot Bonding Brush
   Pencil End Brush
   Coil Spring Brush
   Circular End Brush
   Side and Bottom Cleaning Brush



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