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Stem Mounted Brushes

Our range of stem-mounted products includes a wide variety of brushes for use in specialized applications, such as pilot bonding brushes, miniature brushes, and coil spring brushes.

Stem Mounted Brushes Features and Benefits:

  • Industrial-grade brushes recommended for use on high-speed power tools such as flexible shaft machines, straight grinders, and power drills.
  • Uniform filament composition and density provides optimal balance and finish.
  • A variety of stem-mounted brushes with M-BRAD™ abrasive filament is also available.
  • SINGLETWIST® single-knot end brushes are ideal for working in tight corners and confined spaces.
  • All stainless steel wire (INOX) end brushes are degreased.

Application Guidelines and Tips:

  • Please do not insert the entire stem of a brush into the chuck. Leave about 1/8” of the stem out of the chuck to ensure a proper grip.
  • Manipulating the brush speed will drastically affect the filament flare.
  • Straight cup knot end brushes flare less than flared cup versions.
  • For optimal corrosion resistance when working on stainless steel (INOX), PFERD ADVANCE BRUSH stem-mounted end brushes with stainless steel filament include elastomer coatings on the cup.


Stem Mounted End Brushes

A wide range of end brushes in both knot and crimped wire construction.

   Crimped Wire
   Crimped Wire, Bridled
   Crimped Wire, Hollow Centre - ECAP® Encapsulated
   Knot Wire, Flared Cup
   Knot Wire, Straight Cup
   Knot Wire, SINGLETWIST®
Stem Mounted Wheel Brushes

A wide range of stem-mounted wire wheel brushes in both knot and crimped wire construction.

   Knot Wire, Standard Twist
   Crimped Wire
Stem Mounted Bevel Brushes

Crimped wire bevel brushes are less aggressive than knot wire type for lighter-duty applications.

   Crimped Wire
   Crimped Wire - ECAP® Encapsulated
Stem Mounted Cup Brushes

For light duty application and surface cleaning.

   Carbon Steel Wire
   Stainless Steel Wire
   ECAP® Encapsulated
Stem Mounted Miniature Brushes

Perfect for precision applications required in many industries including jewelry, electronics, medical and aerospace.

   Carbon Steel Wire Filament
   Stainless Steel Wire Filament
   Brass Wire Filament
   M-BRAD™ Abrasive Filament
   Natural Bristle Filament
   Miniature Brush Sets
Stem Mounted Specialty Brushes

A selection of stem-mounted brushes for very specific applications.

   Pilot Bonding Brush
   Pencil End Brush
   Coil Spring Brush
   Circular End Brush
   Side and Bottom Cleaning Brush



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