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Tube Brushes

A complete line of tube brushes designed for use in drill presses and power tools for internal cleaning. Power tube brushes are available in a variety of diameters, shapes, and filament materials.

Tube Brush Features and Benefits:

  • Designed and manufactured with an interference fit.
  • Tube brushes are available in single-stem/single spiral construction with more wire points, and double-stem/double-spiral construction for better lateral filament support.
  • Loop end of tube brush handle can be cut off for use in power tool.

Application Guidelines:

  • Recommended operating speed is between 500 and 2,500 RPM.
  • To ensure a safe working environment, spin the brush up to operating speed while the tip of the brush is already inserted into the workpiece.
  • When cleaning threads, run the brush in the same direction as the threads to prolong brush life.


Hand Tube Brushes, Wire Fill

Used for internal cleaning in industrial, dairy, and laboratory applications.

   Carbon Steel Wire
   Stainless Steel Wire
SpyraKleen, Single Stem / Single Spiral

Single stem, single spiral, light duty power tube brush for round, eccentric and rectangular holes.

   Carbon Steel Wire
   Stainless Steel Wire
   Brass Wire
SpyraKleen, Double Stem / Double Spiral

Double stem, double spiral power tube brushes for heavy-duty cleaning and deburring of I.D.'s.

   Carbon Steel Wire
   Stainless Steel Wire
   Brass Wire

Rectangular shape internal cleaning brush offering effective side-action brushing.

M-BRAD™ Abrasive Filament Tube Brushes

Ideal for conditioning internal bore holes or tubes as well as cleaning threads and burrs at cross-holes.

   Double Stem, Double Spiral
   Microabrasive Tube Brushes
Valve Guide Brushes

Single stem, single spiral tube brushes built to precision accuracy.

ECAP® Encapsulated Tube Brushes

Provides maximum service life and aggressive internal brushing action.




US: (800) 342-9015 - CANADA: (866) 245-1555

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