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Threaded Wheel Brushes
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Tube Brushes
ECAP® Encapsulated Brushes
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ECAP® Encapsulated Brushes

Wire is bonded in a synthetic elastomer material which firmly supports the wire filaments, providing precisely controlled brush face, longer brush life and very aggressive removal rates. Limited flexibility. ECAP® brushes are available in three hardness grades:

  • E3 is aggressive enough for most applications. Best grade for general use.Green colour.
  • E4 is good for higher pressure applications. Black colour.
  • E5 is for super-aggressive, tough cleaning, for most severe applications.Blue colour.


Crimped Wheel Brushes
   Small Diameter Copper Center - ECAP® Encapsulated
   Narrow Face - ECAP® Encapsulated
   Medium Face - ECAP® Encapsulated
Cup Brushes

More productive cleaning action due to the short trim effect of encapsulation.

Threaded Knot Wheel Brushes
   Stringer Bead Twist - ECAP® Encapsulated
   J-Bevel Brush - ECAP® Encapsulated
Stem Mounted End Brushes
   Carbon Steel Wire
   Stainless Steel Wire
Stem Mounted Wheel Brushes

Encapsulated for maximum brushing action.

Stem Mounted Cup Brushes

More productive cleaning action due to the short trim effect of encapsulation.

Tube Brushes

Provides maximum service life and aggressive internal brushing action.




US: (800) 342-9015 - CANADA: (866) 245-1555

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