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M-BRAD® composite disc brushes are designed for use in CNC and robotic machines. For deburring, honing, edge radiusing, light cleaning, and polishing.

High Density

Designed for aggressive deburring in CNC and robotic machines.

   Silicon Carbide Grain (SiC) - Round Filament
   Silicon Carbide Grain (SiC) - Rectangular Filament
   Ceramic Oxide Grain (CO)
High Density Banded

Banded version reduces filament flare during use.

   High density, bridled
   High density, bridled, angled trim
   Shank-mounted, bridled
   Shank-mounted, bridled, Ceramic oxide
Standard Density

Tufted-style disc brushes, available in round and rectangular filaments.

   Round Filament
   Rectangular Filament

Ideal for flat surfaces with numerous holes and low projections.

   Silicon Carbide Grain (SiC)
   Ceramic Oxide Grain (CO)
Drive Arbors

For mounting composite disc brushes on automatic equipment.



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