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M-BRAD® Abrasive Filament Brushes

M-BRAD® is a 6.12 nylon monofilament that evenly encapsulates various abrasive grit particles on the surface as well as throughout the nylon filament. The flexibility of strands flowing over, around and into contours makes it uniquely effective if deburring complex parts.

Consistent, gradual cutting action allows precise control. from cosmetic surface preparation on brass or soft aluminum to edge-blending on materials as tough as titanium and carbide.

M-BRAD® brushes are ideal for surface conditioning applications on all materials including wood, glass, steel and nickel alloys.

Features and Benefits:

  • PFERD offers a full line of high fill density Composite Disc and Wheel brushes for more aggressive brushing.
  • M-BRAD® filled brushes yield longer tool life than non-woven synthetic abrasive products.
  • Available with Ceramic Oxide grain (CO) for very aggressive brushing.
  • This unique M-BRAD® filament is suitable for both wet and dry applications, although the use of coolant is recommended.
  • M-BRAD® won’t degrade the dimensions of the workpiece, which reduces scrap and fill welding.


Wheel Brushes

A variety of composite and metal-construction M-BRAD® wheel brushes.

   Composite Wheels
   Small Diameter Copper Centre Wheels
   Narrow Face Wheels
   Wide Face Wheels
   Stem mounted wheel brushes - Crimped
Composite Disc Brushes

Designed for use in CNC and robotic machines.

   High Density
   High Density Banded
   Standard Density
   Drive Arbors
Cup Brushes

For use on hand-held right-angle tools or stationary machine spindles.

   Cup Brushes
Stem Mounted Brushes

For use on straight grinders, flexible shaft machines, power drills and presses.

   Stem-Mounted Composite Disc Brushes
   End Brushes
   End Brushes - Bridled
Tube Brushes

Ideal for conditioning internal bore holes or tubes as well as cleaning threads and burrs at cross-holes.

   Double Stem, Double Spiral
   Microabrasive Tube Brushes



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