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Air grinders are the fastest machines amongst thedrives. They achieve higher speeds in comparison to electric or flexible shaft drives. They have – when measured against their smaller size – a high power output. The durable and wear resistantsliding vaneand turbine motors have a long service life, low maintenance and are easy to service.

Areas of Application:

Air grinders are very versatile. They are used especially in medium and large sized companies that have a compressed air network at their disposal. They are used economically and reliably in production and assembly lines.

PFERD Product Range:

PFERD offers straight, angle and belt grinders as well as special drives. PFERD air grinders are technologically advanced and contain the latest ergonomic findings and requirements. They have been developed especially for the economic application of abrasives and cutting tools with defined geometries and cover a wide range of speeds (4,000 - 100,000 RPM) and performances (0.1 - 1.2 HP).

Straight Grinders

PGT 1/1000
PGAS 2/800 E-HV
PGAS 3/440 HV
PG 3/380 HV
PGAS 5/230 VE-HV
PG 3/210 HV
PG 5/40 V-HV
Angle Grinders

Angle Grinder PWS 1/800
Angle Grinder PWS 3/220 HV
Angle Grinder PW 3/120 DH
Belt Grinders

Belt grinder
Belt Grinder Attachment Arms
Protective Cover
Marking Pen

Marking Pen MST 31
Replacement Hose
Tungsten Carbide Engraving Needles

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