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Electric tool drives are universal versatile. In relation to their size and weight they offer high performance. They are particularly suitable for use with grinding tools that require a constant RPM.


Electric grinders can be used for nearly every application. They are successfully usedin many industries for different processes. The stepless electronic speed adjustment allows the use of various types of tools on one single machine.

Electric grinders are not suitable for:

  • Boiler construction
  • Use in very dusty conditions.

The PFERD Product Range:

PFERD provides a wide range of electric straight, angle, belt anddrum grinders. PFERD electric grinders are of the highest technological standard and accord with the latest ergonomic knowledge and requirements. They were specially developed for economic use of grinding, milling, brushing, cut-off and polishing tools, and cover a broad range of speeds (1,400 - 33,000RPM) and power outputs (0.4 - 1.4 HP).

PFERD electric grinders have an electronic speed control for constant RPM values.

Micro Motor System
Micro Motor control unit and accessories
Micro Motor handpieces
Straight Grinders
UGER 5/250 SI 120 V
UGER 15/60 SI 120 V
Angle Grinders
UWER 5/200 SI 120 V
UWER 15/100 SI 120 V
Linear Finishing Tool
UWER 15/35 SI D 19 120 V - 850-3,500 RPM / Output 1.2 HP
Belt Grinders
UBS 5/100 SI oVA 120 V
Belt Grinder Attachment Arms
Fillet weld grinder
Fillet weld grinder 1,500 - 3,400 RPM, 0.4 HP
Clamping flanges for fillet weld grinder

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