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Flexible Shaft Drives and Accessories

Flexible shaft drives are multiple speed machines. They cover a wide RPM range and can be adjusted steplessly electronically orover gears to match individual tool requirements. Flexible shaft drives have an extremely highpower output. They can also be used with the compact handpieces or extensions for work in hard-to-reach places.


Flexible shaft drives can be used for almost all jobs. They are used successfully in many industrial sectors for different processes. The RPM adjustment allows the use of various tools on one single machine.

The PFERD Product Range:

PFERD offers various types offlexible shaft drives as well as a comprehensive range of matching flexible shafts, handpieces, angle drives,drum and special drives. PFERD flexible shaft drives and their accessories are extremely durable, technically up to date and are built according to the latest ergonomic knowledge and specifications. This program was developed especially for the economic use of grinding, milling, brushing, cut-off and polishing tools and cover a wide range of speeds (0- 28,800?RPM) and outputs (0.4 - 1 HP).

RUER Multi-Speed Machines

A wide variety of features and accessories make these tools ideal for fine milling, grinding, polishing, precision mechanics, and DIY applications.

RUER 5/250 SI 120 V
RUER 10/250 SI 120 V US
RUER 15/30 SI 120 V US
Mammoth electronic MEW 18/240

The high power output Mammoth is suitable for general use milling, grinding and polishing work. Features restart protection on power failure.

Drive speeds:
1,000, 1,900, 2,500, 3,800, 6,800, 9,600, 14,400

Dimensions L x W x H:
18.11” x 6.30”/9.45” x 15.75”

The drive motors are supplied without plug and flexible shaft.
Note:Grinding and polishing tools less than 4” diameter are not suitable for use with the Mammoth.

100 - 24,000 RPM, 2.0 HP
Flexible Shafts for Mammoth MEW
Flexible Shafts and Accessories

Available in a variety of core diameters for variations in speed output and flexibility.

Special flexible shafts for POLISTAR-TUBE system
Flexible Shafts and Handpieces - 4 ZG (High Speed)
Flexible Shafts and Handpieces - 6 ZG (Low Speed)
Flexible Shafts and Handpieces - 7 ZGU
Flexible Shafts and Handpieces - 10 ZG

US: (800) 342-9015 - CANADA: (866) 245-1555

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